Cantar X3 version 3.203.C7
New features
  • Compatibility with the Cantaress firmware labeled C7
  • TRACK PAN: Possibility of modifying the track pan setup during record:
    In solo track dialog box, Shift+F5 toggles between L/R/C, hold Shift+F5 during 2 secondes to access the fine pan, use the jog to adjust it.
  • The fine pan display has been improved.
  • PLAYBACK menu: Shift+Left/Right arrow keys allow to move the waveform cursor by one frame step.
  • WAVEFORM TIMELINE: For take longer than 1min 30sec , a magnified window is automatically displayed to provide a better resolution of the timeline.
  • In PLAYBACK & REC, mode LIVE, play-card boundaries can be adjusted +/- 1 frame.
Bug fixes
Cantaress version 2.01.C7
This version is dedicated to work in conjonction with Cantar X3 version 3.XXX.C7
New features
  • The Dante inputs are monitored.
  • The Limiters on Aes/Aes42/Mixdown are monitored.
  • The track pan adjustment is available:
    Press the bank button of the Cantaress to access the track pan control, use the upper row potentiometers for fine adjustment and the potentiometer buttons for a quick access to left, right and center position.
  • The track pan adjustment is available during the record.
  • The Link groups are displayed.
  • In the solo track dialog box, the pre/post monitoring is available.
  • The headset audio level protection can be disabled using the corresponding parameter in the Cantaress settings.
New features with option activated
  • The SubGroups gain control, sent to Aux buses, is available through the upper row potentiometer using the bank button.
  • The Dante input gain management is identical to the management of other inputs.
  • The Automix attenuation level is monitored on the Cantaress vumeters.
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